Military Cufflink Set

Uniformly Uninteresting... 

Have you ever noticed how much attention men in uniform get? I mean, yeah, they have a tough life and all, but most of them never see war (let’s thank all those who do, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking every member of the US Armed Forces is a hero). The second they step out in public in their uniform, they’re celebrities. Women fall all over them, and those great pretenders have no problem weaving tales of their valor. Having been to the single bar on West Point’s campus one time in my life (how I ended up in the boonies is another long story), I can tell you that they need the advantage of a uniform. Use these cufflinks as your own unofficial army uniform: you’re ex-army turned corporate and you wear these cufflinks to remind you of the importance of honor and discipline. Just be sure not to mention the importance of honesty.

This mismatched brass Military Cufflink Set includes one Military Helicopter cufflink, one Lockheed P38 Lightning cufflink and one Military Tank cufflink.

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