Michelin Dog Cufflinks

Every time I see a dachshund, I always end up thinking of a wiener. And every time I think of a wiener, I think of another Weiner who likes to flash and sex up people. If you like reading about politics and scandals and all the fun stuff government officials do in their spare time, then you know who I’m talking about!

Weiner-dude is back in the spotlight. This time he’s in more trouble than he was before for flashing his pecks to some young girls on the Twitter-verse. Man, this guy has got it bad and I thought I was itchy. Oh well, all the best to him. If you vote for him, then hey, at least you know you’re voting for a potential sex-crazed mayor!

This pair of mismatched brass Michelin Dog Cufflinks includes one Dachshund cufflink coated with silver and one White Chef's Hat cufflink coated with white and silver.

Category: Man's Best Friend

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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