Marriage Luck Charm Cufflinks

Marriage has become such a superficial thing. It has changed so much over the decades, especially in the United States. Nowadays, people marry just for the sake of marrying and conforming to society's norms, while only a century ago divorce rates were much, much lower compared to the forty to fifty percent divorce rate of today. Nevertheless, if you are adamant on marrying, I suggest you buy these cufflinks to go with your marriage. I've sprinkled them with magical unicorn sparkles, that are 10 times luckier than leprachaun charms. And we all know you'll need all the luck you can get.

This pair of mismatched brass Marriage Luck Charm Cufflinks includes one Red Heart cufflink in red enamel on shiny silver plated setting and one Silver Just Married cufflink with heart and ring designs.

Category: Love & Happiness, Weddings

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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