Machinery Equipment Cufflink Set

Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery While Under the Influence...

There was one summer when I volunteered to work on a construction site. Surprisingly, the construction workers didn’t appreciate volunteers. I had to beg and beg them not to pay me. In the end, the fact that I promised not to join the union convinced them. They let me drive around the machines, which is actually much better than it sounds. Usually, I just sat there and hit a button when they told me, but as time went by, I made it a game. How fast can you dump that dirt? How much can you dump? Can you be the best dump truck driver there ever was? I upped the ante by doing shots every time my performance did not meet my expectations. The foreman kicked my ass out of there when he found out, but it was fun while it lasted.

This mismatched brass Machinery Equipment Cufflink Set includes one Yellow Dump Truck cufflink, one Yellow Ladder Truck cufflink and one Yellow Front Loader cufflink.

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