Loving US Election Cufflink Set

Ah, every time the US elections come up, you can almost smell that air of disbelief, mingled with a bit of fear in the air. It’s a time when even friends argue and families divide because darn it, one of their political bets has to win! No exceptions! It’s true.

My two aunts once fought over the phone because my Virginia Aunt wanted my Pennsylvania Aunt to vote for McCain instead of Obama-mama. Pennsylvania Aunt refused which sent Virginia Aunt into rant overdrive and resulted in them not talking for months! Man, US elections are crazy. It’s as crazy as when we first found out Brit-Brit likes to go commando.

This mismatched brass Loving US Election Cufflink Set includes one Republican Elephant cufflink, one Democratic Donkey cufflink, one Red Heart cufflink and one Green $ cufflink.

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