Living on the Edge Cufflinks

Think of how cool it would be to ride around on a street bike. You could dodge through traffic, look totally badass at all times, and you would never have to help your friends move houses. The only down side is that street bikes are cool because of how dangerous they can be (or was it because of that whole carbon neutral footprint reduction thingy?). Hmm, anyway, maybe the dangerous life isn't for you. Might as well go with the second best option and get a BMX bike! That will definitely make you look cool and bring all of the girls to your yard (with milkshakes). Wait, you say that you're not a loser or 12? Well can't win them all I guess.

This pair of mismatched brass Living on the Edge Cufflinks includes one Black and Red Bike cufflink and black and one Green Motocross cufflink.

Category: On 2 Wheels, Still a Kid

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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