Lego Building Block Cufflink Set

Tiny Tower...

Oooh, pretty colors and cute little building blocks. Have you ever played Tiny Tower? If you have, get these cufflinks--they'll definitely bring out your urges to whip out your phone while socializing to play a quick game of Tiny Tower. Yeah, building stuff is fun--don't laugh. Sticking these on your suits would be optimal because, well, suits have different shades of gray, black, and white or whatever. Since these come in seven different colors, you can make it match however you like! Problemo solved.

This mismatched brass Lego Building Block Cufflink Set includes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 color-coated cufflinks of your choice among the colors Purple Lego Square cufflink, Navy Blue Lego Square cufflink, Lilac Lego Square cufflink, Green Lego cufflink, Silver Lego cufflink, Red Lego Block cufflink, Pink Lego Block cufflink and Light Blue Lego Square cufflink (the pieces chosen must be specified in the comment section of the shopping cart). 

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