Laser Gun and Space Invader cufflinks

UniCuffs for Geeky Men...

If you are crazy about science fiction and video games, there is a huge probability that you’ve heard of Space Invaders. Well, I don't consider myself a geek, or a loser, or a gamer, etc., but when I was a wee little unicorn, I happened to be one of the highest scoring unicorns in UniCornia and made the regional championships. But I lost to a freaking dragon. Freaking dragons. Not even all that mythical but for some reason they've got their own show on Game of Thrones and the last unicorn thingy I remember was My Little Pony.

Anyways, I find that girls tend to be more approachable if you're a geek v.s. an alpha male. So with these cufflinks, disguise yourself (or I guess just amplify who you are) and go for that high score.

This pair of mismatched brass Laser Gun and Space Invader cufflinks includes one Space Invader cufflink and one Alien Laser Gun cufflink

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