Kickass Cufflink Set

Folks, if you've ever dreamed of walking down a dusty road in the Wild West, holding a Magnum revolver and looking like a badass (or should I say, Kickass) in general, get these cuffs. They'll make you look equally, if not more, sexy. Who wouldn't want to date a wannabe lame vigilante who thinks he's Superman? Just kidding. Did anybody catch the pun in that analogy? I am almost word for word describing possibly the lamest teenager-superhero-wannabe in the history of the planet--Dave Lizewski, AKA Kickass. That was a hilarious movie, thank you Matthew Vaughn.

This mismatched brass Kickass Cufflink Set includes one Retro Police Car cufflink, one Handcuffs cufflink coated with silver and one Colt Gun cufflink coated with silver. 

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