Just Beat It Cufflinks

Ao! Just beat it! Like how Kobe beat the hotel employee in his sexual assault case back in July of 2003. Okay maybe that's not what Michael Jackson meant when he wrote the song. On second thought, probably not. I mean, what can I do. My mind sometimes goes off on a tangent! Lots of times. Did you know that the brain of a unicorn is impossible to decipher? Humans back in the Stone Age discovered a unicorn that I had assassinated, and they tried to analyze the body and internal organs. Luckily for us, who try very hard to keep unicorns as a secret specie, the homosapiens of that time period had an average IQ of 28. Whew.

This pair of mismatched brass Just Beat It Cufflinks includes one Michael Jackson Jacket cufflink and one Silver Cassette Tape cufflink.

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