Jolly Good Sumo Cufflinks

I want to take you all on an imaginary adventure. So close your eyes. And drop your pants when ready.

If you actually followed that, take this time to reconsider how easily you take instructions from online unicorns. Anyway, let's imagine a sumo wrestler. This is a gigantic, shirtless Japanese guy, sweaty man-boobs just flowing gently in the wind. Now let's take that sumo wrestler and make him British, and it should come out to some combination of this (but fancy too). This posh Asian-British giant is now lounging around with a hilariously oversized sweater-vest, eating some "crisps" and drinking a spot of tea. How wonderful.

That was a fun exercise wasn't it? Now every time you look at these UniCuffs you can think of the magical adventure that I just took you on. Maybe take some time to reevaluate what you're doing with your life while you're at it.

This pair of mismatched brass Jolly Good Sumo Cufflinks includes one multi-colored Sumo Wrestler cufflink and one multi-colored Crisps Chips cufflink.

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