It's F***ing 3 in the Morning Cufflinks

Do you know what I love to hear when I'm trying to sleep in the middle of the night? Loud ass construction machines. Yep, I really can't get enough of them, especially when I have to get up for work in two hours. I just know how important it is that the construction be done in the middle of the night down the street from me. I wouldn't want the construction holding up traffic later in the day (I mean thank god that never happens). These cufflinks are for all of the meaningful and extremely necessary road construction jobs. We appreciate you and your extremely early hours. For the construction workers though, feel free to come by my place after you wake me up.

This pair of mismatched brass It's F***ing 3 in the Morning Cufflinks includes one yellow Hard Hat cufflink and one yellow and black Yellow Front Loader cufflink.

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