I'd Rather Go Barefoot Cufflinks

Could Wear a Suit but I'd Rather Go Barefoot...

So what better sense of irony could you possibly have than wearing barefoot cufflinks with a suit? I mean, who wears a suit but goes barefoot or in Crocs?!!!!

Ok, so I do. Because I'm a unicorn.

But unless you're a unicorn, or some sort of hipster GQ wannabe, stick with being ironic rather than fashion forward iconic. Because odds are, you aren't going to be as hip as a unicorn or a real hipster.

This pair of mismatched brass I'd Rather Go Barefoot Cufflinks includes one Barefoot cufflink and one Crocs cufflink, both are coated with silver.


Category: By Foot

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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