I Moustache You a Question Cufflinks

I used to have a mustache in my college days (crude artist rendition) and I can tell you that there are few things in this world more intimidating than an angry uniorn with a full on Selleck moustache (maybe the Selleck during my porn days, but I can't really remember). But now the day of the moustache is almost at its end, making way to skinny jeans and freaking Bieber haircuts. The cruel march of time has gone on and now moustaches belong mainly to pedophiles and cops. Also, I realize that I didn't ask any questions, but I couldn't pass up that pun in the title. Don't you dare judge me.

This pair of mismatched brass I Moustache You a Question Cufflinks includes one Imperial Moustache cufflink and one Walrus Moustache cufflink.

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