I Love Sumo Wrestling Cufflinks

Yep, just letting it all hang around here, especially if you’ve got friends who drive you insane with their Japanophile lifestyles. You know, the ones who rave about how awesome anime is and how it’s SOOO different from regular stuff. Well, grab this pair of cufflinks and shove it down their Japan-lovin-otaku-ravin’-ways. Personally, I only like Sumo wrestlers because they have the confidence to wear a thong in public and tie their hair in a top knot without feeling conscious. I’d be worried about showing off my hairy legs if it was me.

This pair of mismatched brass I Love Sumo Wrestling Cufflinks includes one Red Heart cufflink and one multi-colored Sumo Wrestler cufflink.

Category: Sushi & Sumo, WTF, Yellow Fever

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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