I Love Starbuck Cufflinks

I Love Espresso... 

If you’re not very smart and hate those little interesting facts section, you better get out or just sit still because I’m in a sharing mood right now and want to present three facts about espresso! One, espresso is no bean; it’s a type of coffee. Those hipsters thinking they’re so cool sucking on those chocolate coated espresso beans are actually losers. Two, there are a bazillion ways to make espresso. Not all foamy white froth coffee is tasty though, but there are some that would send you to heaven and back. Third, it is pronounced ES-PRES-SO not EX-PRESSO. Do this in several places and you’ll get a cold stare and no coffee in front of you.

This pair of mismatched brass I Love Starbuck Cufflinks includes one Red Heart cufflink and one Espresso Coffee Cup cufflink.

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