I Hate Guns Cufflink Set

Are guns necessary? I'm not meaning to spark a contentious debate here, but I really do think they aren't necessary. Why, a handgun with four controls is seriously too complicated to use, while an automobile has more than twenty. Serial killers probably spend more time figuring out how to use a gun than actually planning out assassinations. The majority of citizens agree with gun control due to the recent shootings at Aurora, just like how slavery was generally agreed upon in the antebellum South, so let’s just go with the popular opinion for now. I hope you caught the gist of what I'm trying to say, and if you could tell that was sarcasm, buy these cuffs because you are one smart boy.

This mismatched brass I Hate Guns Cufflink Set includes one Handcuffs cufflink coated with silver, one Colt Gun cufflink coated with silver and one multi-colored Police Motorcycle cufflink.

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