I Hate Being An Attorney Cufflinks

I Hate My Life as a Lawyer...

So you thought being a lawyer was going to glamourous like an episode of Ally McBeal, Suits, and Boston Legal.

Well, consider your life punishment for your stupidity. Law school sucked. You're drowning in debt. A lot of your classmates ended up jobless. And you do menial work that, well, frankly doesn't even require a law degree. Your life sucks and you're just becoming more of a douchebag by the day, and reality check for you, you're probably not going to make partner.

Well, at least wear your misery with pride. Or give these as a gift to that special someone who truly deserves it.

This pair of mismatched brass I Hate Being An Attorney Cufflinks includes one White Coffee Cup cufflink and one silver Gavel cufflink.

Category: Drug Addicts, Lawyers & Judges

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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