Hunting Horn and Colt Cartridge Cufflinks

Deadliest Game...

Do you know what the deadliest game is? No, don't say The Hunger Games. No, don't you dare go on a rant about Battle Royale either and how The Hunger Games is just a ripoff of it. We get it okay. The Deadliest Game is a good old fashion crazy guy hunting people with his rifle, yea that's right I just got classic on you guys. Actually there is one game more deadly than human hunting, and that's unicorns hunting humans. The truth is that we could hunt all of you guys if we weren't such a peaceful race (I think I'm a shining example of that ex the whole angry thing).

This pair of mismatched brass Hunting Horn and Colt Cartridge Cufflinks includes one Hunting Horn cufflink and one 45 Colt Bullet cufflink.

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