Hunter or Hunted Cufflinks

Hunter or Hippie...

If you’re a hunter you’re going to have either a really good time with the ladies or a really bad time with them. Half of them are turned on by a real man who can hunt. And the other half are crazy vegans who will throw paint on you for killing innocent animals. Too keep you safe, I thought this pair of UniCuffs of a duck and a rabbit would allow you to play both sides. God knows I love to play both sides. Depending on the girl (or guy), you can pose as a manly man hunter or you can pose as a hippie alternative activist. Hey, all is fair in love and war. Teehee. Teehee.

This pair of mismatched brass Hunter or Hunted Cufflinks includes one Rabbit cufflink and one Goose cufflink, both coated with silver.

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