Hotdog or Sushi Cufflinks

Okay, before we proceed, let me tell you one thing. A hot dog eating contest isn’t something you want to witness if you enjoy eating your hot dogs slowly and savoring each and every bite. Personally, it’s a ritual to savor every inch of that nice big juicy footlong hot dog down my throat...

Now where were we. Oh yes, hot dogs (get your mind out of the gutter, we didn't digress... yeah...). Anyways, when I first saw a hot dog eating contest, it was gross. They just gobble them up like M&Ms. And what's with that tiny little Asian dude? Repressed mommy and daddy issues and needing to shove all that meat down his throat? Like seriously. Makes you want to choke and vomit yourself. Just watch this if you dare!

This pair of mismatched brass Hotdog or Sushi Cufflinks includes one multi-colored enamel Hotdog cufflink and one Sushi cufflink coated with red and white enamel.

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