Hotdog and Lobster Cufflinks

You might want to project a way classier image of yourself. Or the reverse. You’d like to say that lobster you had five years ago in Maine was the best lobster you ever had and that will come off as a plausible excuse for your pathetic excuse of a palate. Because frankly you’re always up for a hotdog, but lobster is too hard. You don’t even know how to eat it properly, dammit. But whatever, the contrast makes you seem cool and quirky. Beware of NSPCA nutcases attacking you though. Though we’re not still too sure what hotdogs are made of, apparently cooking live lobsters is cruel...

This pair of mismatched brass Hotdog and Lobster Cufflinks includes one multi-colored Hotdog cufflink and one Red Lobster cufflink.

Category: Chefs & Foodies

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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