Hot and Horn-y Cufflink Set

I'm a unicorn. We have horns. We are naturally, HORN-y. But sometimes, a guy can only horn around so much. And thank godness for this set. I put on the "off" and "cold" cufflinks, and voila, I think with my brain. And when I'm done meditating and contemplating the meaning of life, I put on the "hot" and "on" cufflinks and those magical sprinkles just explode out of my horn. But sometimes, I wear the "hot" with the "off" and the "cold" with the "on" and for some reason that makes my hooves a bit hairy.

This set of mismatched brass Hot and Horn-y Cufflink Set includes one Hot cufflink, one On cufflink, one Off cufflink and one Cold cufflink, all text are on white background.

Category: Sexaholic, Tech Geeks, WTF

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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