Horse Racing Cufflink Set

Have a thing for horses and horse racing? This cufflink has your name stamped on it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make fun of you for liking horses. Unicorns are fine with horses. After all, we’re kind of like them minus the horn part. Truth be told, horses have it easy; sometimes the horn can be annoying you know. It’s like running around with a deadly lance strapped up to your forehead. Trust me, it’s not nice when you’re running full speed in a very dense forest. Something’s bound to get tangled on the damn horn. Other times, it’s just annoying to have because of the never-ending supply of phallic jokes...

This mismatched brass Horse Racing Cufflink Set includes 3 or 4 silver-coated cufflinks of your choice among the Silver Stirrup cufflink, Riding Boot cufflink, Horseshoe cufflink and Equestrian cufflink (the pieces chosen must be specified in the comment section of the shopping cart). 

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