Heart and Hot Lips Cufflinks

Miley Cyrus...

Every celebrity needs some heart, along with hot lips. To be like them, you gotta buy these cufflinks! Just look at Miley Cyrus now. She's the perfect role model, ever since she got out of acting as Hannah Montana. Who am I kidding... she's as corrupt as the Three Whales Scandal in Russia back in 2000. At least my favorite actress - Dakota Fanning - hasn't turned to the dark side yet (oh wait, wasn't she some evil vampire in that crappy Twilight series?). Whatevers, she'll always stay as my sweet little blondie girl. I think I'm gonna get her to buy all her future boyfriends a set of UniCuffs.

This pair of mismatched brass Heart and Hot Lips Cufflinks includes one Red Heart cufflink in red enamel on shiny silver plated setting and one Hot Lips cufflink in red and black on shiny silver plated setting.

Category: Love & Happiness

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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