Hard Hat and Saw Cufflinks

Laying Down Wood...

There's one profession that I personally feel isn't explored enough in the porn industry. Construction workers. You have the pizza guy, the cable guy, even the occasional plumber, but why aren't there any construction worker pornos?? These are the kinds of questions that haunt me. Construction is a field that is chock full of big, sweaty men, and I feel like it should be represented more in my dirty movie collection. It's an injustice really, one that I WILL NOT stand for. How can porn producers just pass up on all of those easy construction innuendos?!? In your endo. Don these cufflinks to rally against the porn industry and force them to make more construction movies! Or you could always just get them for friends in the construction field instead (or for friends who want to be porn star construction workers).

This pair of mismatched brass Hard Hat and Saw Cufflinks includes one yellow Hard Hat cufflink and one Handsaw cufflink coated with silver.

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