Gun Warning Cufflinks

Pimpin' Gun and Attention Sign UniCuffs...

These pimpin' cufflinks are perfect for a night in Vegas. Last time I spent a night in Vegas I got so wasted that I couldn’t remember what I did. Well, I do remember a guy who looked like a fat Jesus with a wolf shirt, oh, and an Asian guy who was always naked. I thing Mike Tyson was there too, but I’m not so sure. Anyway, I decided that after that bender in Vegas, I needed these cufflinks (plus the UniCornia courts said I had a problem and need to wear these cufflinks as a monitoring device for my craziness level). Now these cufflnks tell me when to stop drinking and when to go to sleep. Good thing, because one time, I tried to sell my horn for a lap dance, and I don’t even have a lap!!!

This pair of mismatched brass Gun Warning Cufflinks includes one Diamond-Studded Gun cufflink and one Diamond-Studded Warning Sign cufflink.

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