Green and Orange Tetrominos Cufflinks

Tetris Junkies Need Their Fix...

Tetris. Tetris and I go way back. My best friend—and yet, simultaneously my arch nemesis—during those painful final exams in college, the quintessential studying distraction. Yet even as a grown unicorn, it’s the type of thing you catch yourself getting caught up in when you need a break from work. Come on now, don’t lie, we all know what you really do behind that office desk. If you’re not watching porn, you’re playing tetris! So while I don’t suggest being a total creeper in the office with your weirdo old man porn, don’t be afraid to let your colleagues know you’re a tetrite with these green & orange tetris cufflinks. Dude, chances are they probably play too.

This pair of mismatched brass Green and Orange Tetrominos Cufflinks includes one Green Tetris cufflink and one Orange Tetris cufflink.

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