Genius Warning cufflinks

The White Guy Piano Paradox...

I bet you're waiting for me to make some lame joke about how every Asian kid seems to learn the piano growing up, but I'm just as tired of telling that joke as you are of hearing it. Instead, I’m going to talk about the white kid who learns piano growing up. The white kid piano trajectory is the same as the Asian one save for two points: he tends to wear argyle doing it, and it doesn’t show up on his résumé under “hobbies.” The White Guy Piano Paradox states that you won’t know a white guy played piano growing up until you happen to pass a very nice looking piano, maybe in the lobby of a hotel or some friend’s family home. He’ll say, “Yeah, I played a little as a kid,” and then when he starts to play he’s suddenly Beethoven. He’s also the asshole who was offered a position in the New York City Ballet but decided to go to Harvard instead. Like, come on people. I would be happy being exceptionally talented in one way; why do you have to go and be awesome at multiple things? At least give us a little warning by wearing these cufflinks.

This pair of mismatched brass Genius Warning cufflinks includes one White Music Score cufflink and one Piano Keyboard cufflink.

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