Functional Spirit Level Cufflink Set

Spirit Level 99...

Do you have a friend who's a poor carpenter, bricklayer, or even a stonemason? Then this is the right set of cufflinks to give them and subtly show them how inferior to you they are. Besides they probably adore spirit levels after using them continuously for most of their working lives. If they're already working around the clock for a fourth of the salary you receive, you might as well remind them what sort of scum they are, right? Because that's what friends do. Poke fun, tease, tease until it's past the line, get angry at each other, and reconcile by having a few Guinnesses and a late night NBA basketball game. 

This set of mismatched brass Functional Spirit Level Cufflink Set includes one Blue Spirit Level cufflink, one green Functional Green Spirit Level cufflink and one Yellow Spirit Level cufflink.

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