From Pink Tropical Fish to Appetizing Red Sushi Cufflinks

I hate pink. The funny thing is, most humans associate unicorns with cutesy colors. They’ve obviously never met a violent unicorn like my neighbor. We’ve all nicknamed him “Rampage” since that’s all he ever does. Sometimes we think there’s something wrong with him up there but after all the meds and doctor visits, it seems he just has a really mean temper. He’s like the epitome of that Limp Bizkit song, “Break Stuff” (Don’t ask me how and why I even know the name of this band. It’s none of your business and I won’t answer.)

Back to terror and hubris, whenever he says something you always have to answer right away or else all you’ll see is a big black blob with a sharp pointed horn rushing towards you. He’s also pretty good at simply intimidating people by staring at them from his front lawn. Oh and he hates pink. But he like fishes though. It’s weird, but that dude’s favorite movie is Nemo. Nemo!!! I’ll let that sink for a while.

I guess no matter how tough the exterior, some people still have a soft spot for something. He’s like Mike Tyson but with a penchant for clown fishes instead of pigeons.

This pair of mismatched brass From Pink Tropical Fish to Appetizing Red Sushi Cufflinks includes one Sushi cufflink coated with red and white enamel and one Pink Tropical Fish cufflink with yellow fins embellishment.

Category: Sushi & Sumo, Under the Sea, WTF

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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