Friday 1:25AM Cufflinks

If you are an alcoholic who likes beer, this is the pair of cufflinks for you. Not only does it feature an almost-original copycat design of Heineken, but also a bright red sports car! Since everybody at a party should drink, drinking and driving must be enforced in all fifty states of the US of A, or else how would anybody ever get home? But like a wise unicorn once said, "A party don't stop till' everybody drops," so I guess I have to take back what I said. If you buy this pair of cufflinks, prepare to have your house swarmed by legions of partygoers at approximately 1:25AM next Friday night (or should I say morning?).

This pair of mismatched brass Friday 1:25AM cufflinks includes one Beer in Green Can cufflink and one Red Porsche 911 cufflink.

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