French Flag and Eiffel Tower Cufflinks

Smell Like Your Cheese & Eat It Too...

Oh man, you cannot get more Français than this cufflink set here. If you’re the type of monsieur who left his heart in Paris, then these are definitely the pair for you. Rep your favorite French ville in a classy way, and then maybe people will be so focused on the romance of it all that they’ll forget that you eat snails, and stinky cheese, and smell even worse than the stinky cheese you eat. So you can smell like your stinky cheese, and it eat too. Seeee, it all works out.

This pair of mismatched brass French Flag and Eiffel Tower Cufflinks includes one France Flag cufflink and one Eiffel Tower cufflink coated with silver.

Category: je t'aime, Paris

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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