French and Dutch Flag Cufflinks

Japanese Deslusions Hotline...

Sure, some are disillusioned by the romance that is Paris, or the blond-blue eyed goat farmers that are the Dutch, but there’s a reason why there exists a hotline specifically for Japanese men who are so disappointed by their grandiose, sappy disillusions of France, that they find themselves on the verge of depression. Be it a stinky French baguette from Paris or a wooden-shoe-wearing crack-addict from Amsterdam, you clearly can’t go wrong with this combo. France and the Netherlands, two very Euro-chic countries with lots to offer for the sexually adventurous souls of this world. Trust me baby, we live in a dirty, dirty world, and what else is there to do but embrace it?

This pair of mismatched French and Dutch Flag Cufflinks includes one French Flag cufflink and one Netherlands Flag cufflink. Both are colored and made of brass.

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