France and Old Spanish Flag Cufflinks

Monsieur Matador...

Rep the history and the fame of these two glorious neighboring European powerhouses and you will be sure to turn heads. Okay, probably not. But if you’ve ever read The Sun Also Rises, you’ll know that at least the 1920’s crowd could not get enough of France & Spain. With bullfighting and booze to fill your days, it’s a wonder more aren’t dazzled by the French-Spanish duo. Plus there’s nothing funnier than watching someone make a complete fool of themselves, and I need something to keep me entertained this weekend. So put on these cuffs, smoke a cig, get a little trashed, and go get friendly with a bull!

This pair of multi-colored mismatched brass France and Old Spanish Flag Cufflinks includes one France Flag cufflink and one Spanish Flag Under Franco cufflink.

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