France and Italy Flag Cufflinks

Francesca & Italino...

This is the story of Francesca & Italino. Legend has it, this Italian mafia godfather fell in love with the stinkiest girl in all of Paris. While on a murder trip to Paris, the mafia man had an insuppressible craving for spaghetti. So he went to a café, and sat across from the most fashionable, but also most hairy, woman he’d ever met. As he ate his meatballs, and she smoked her cigarettes, she knew that no amount of cheese could keep her from riding off into the sunset with him in his Maserati. Like their love, they combined cheese and carbs, and that is how we got pizza.

This pair of multi-colored mismatched brass France and Italy Flag Cufflinks includes one France Flag cufflink and one Flag of Italy cufflink.

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