Fork and Toothbrush Cufflinks

Here’s a pair of cufflinks meant to be filed under your weird and unusual pairings list. A fork and a toothbrush cufflink have absolutely no correlation whatsoever, BUT, they do look pretty cool together. Each one is made from silvery things and the toothbrush even carries a bit of toothpaste. The fork, meanwhile, is armed with a green handle and reminds me of those military rationed forks for some reason. Speaking of forks, here in UniCornia, we don’t use them. In fact, we tend to use our jaws for most things. It’s just easier that way. We might be mythological creatures but we don’t really demand that much from everything. It’s enough that we have jobs, we are at peace and... oh god, I think this is the Prozac talking. My shrink was right! This is making me less angry!

This pair of mismatched brass Fork and Toothbrush Cufflinks includes one Green Serving Fork cufflink and one Toothbrush cufflink coated with silver and has white toothpaste embellishment.

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