Football and Field Cufflinks

Soccer on Your Cuff...

I bet your goalie would have a much easier job if soccer had balls like this one. One could just slip his fingers through the metallic ball in mid-air, safely catching it and rolling it back to his teammates. That would be perfectly possible if your goalie was Bruce Lee, I guess? Imagine if there were actually miniature soccer players on the court of that cufflink with the mismatched ball. They'd all be squished like flies by the size of that thing! Comparable to the extent of Pol Pot's agrarian socialism or Hitler's dictatorship...yeah...

This pair of mismatched brass Football and Field Cufflinks includes one Soccer Field cufflink in combination of silver and black and one Soccer Ball cufflink in rectangular frame and has green background.

Category: Football / Soccer / FIFA

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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