Fish Bone and Fishing Reel Cufflinks

Most unicorns aren’t very good at fishing. In fact, there are only very few of us adept enough to go ahead and use a reel. You try fishing with hooves and having to grit your teeth and reel in...

This pair of fish bone and fish reel cufflinks are a good pair if you have a special thing for fishing. It’s like PB and J or Snooki and J-Wow; both go well together. Personally, I’d rather not fish. Everything is easier if you just wait for your food to be served on a table rather than going to hunt for it. That makes me really lazy, but whatevers, I’m a lazy unicorn and proud of it.

This pair of mismatched brass Fish Bone and Fishing Reel Cufflinks includes one silver and Golden Fish Bone Structure cufflink and one Fishing Reel cufflink.

Category: Dads, Fishing, Under the Sea

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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