Fish and Chips Cufflinks

Authentic European...

There are a lot of things that they do backwards across the pond. It's a fact. They talk funny, they obsess over the completely dysfunctional royal family, they produced Simon Cowell, and they even drive on the wrong side of the road. One thing that those Eueorpean weirdos might have gotten right is fish and chips though. Don't tell anyone that I said this, but fish and chips can be good with some tea while watching the footy. Anyhow, I'm off to do unicorn things in UniCornia. Today I have to go yell at the Evil Dragon who terrorized my factory of dwarves and stole all their metal to make my UniCuffs. Argh.

This pair of mismatched brass Fish and Chips Cufflinks includes one multi-colored Crisps Chips cufflink and one Pink Tropical Fish cufflink with yellow fins embellishment.

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