FIFA 2014 Cufflinks

Penalty Card...

Yes, you are an absolute geek and I pity you if you end up buying these cufflinks. Of all the awesome things we offer here at the store, you buy these: a red card and a yellow card pair of cufflinks??! Really, now? Do you love soccer or “football” as you Brits call it, so much that you’re willing to embarrass yourself with these two? Grab the dog and the chef’s hat cufflinks instead, come on! Maybe I simply just don’t get soccer; the only thing I ever take away from it is that David Beckham is one handsome dude who likes to wear boxers A LOT. Plus he’s married to the Spice woman that doesn’t smile. Personally I’d take the Old Spice dude anytime.

This pair of mismatched brass FIFA 2014 Cufflinks includes one Yellow Card Warning cufflink and one Red Card Send Off cufflink.

FIFA 2014 Cufflinks

Category: Football / Soccer / FIFA

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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