Fatass Cufflinks

Ice Cream Scoop and Choco Sundae Cone...

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve heard of the Gangnam Style phenomenon. There is now a female version of this made in Korea madness (and by madness I mean nonsense). It’s just as lyrical as Gangnam (“hey sexy lady”) with a chorus that states “ice cream, ice cream, I’ll melt you down like ice cream” and almost as profound as Gentleman, except instead of “I’m a mother-father-gentleman,” the allusion to Beyonce is clear: “Ma diamond ring, so bling bling.”

This pair of mismatched brass Fatass Cufflinks includes one Ice Cream Scoop cufflink coated with black and silver and one brown Chocolate Ice Cream Cone cufflink and the cone is coated with yellow. 

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