Family BBQ Cufflinks

Another Dog on the Barbie...

Summer is coming to an end and do you know what else is coming to an end? FAMILY FREAKING BARBEQUES. You already spend enough time with your in-laws on holidays, why would you ever want to have them hang around in your backyard while you make polite conversation and pretend to be happy as you down you 6th beer of the afternoon? You don't even get to feel good about drinking because your father in law is already a case ahead of you. All the while the ice is melting away in the cooler that you're using maybe 20 feet away from the fridge for some unknown reason. Sure it all could be worse, but not by much. Unless you had my family.... ***dun dun dun...***

This pair of mismatched brass Family BBQ Cufflinks includes one multi-colored Hotdog cufflink and one Green Serving Fork cufflink.

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