Eye Doctor Cufflinks

Time for your Check-up...

When you get to a certain age visiting the doctor's office takes on a whole new meaning. You thought the old doctor touching your balls for your high school physical was bad, but now that doctor is going to get personal in a whole new way. Honestly you're lucky though, unicorns don't even have fingers, just think of what we have to do for our prostate exams. Yea, not a lovely image is it? So suck it up, go march valiantly to your doctors office and do what you need to do. Just hope that the doctor has small fingers. After your ordeal is over, you can sport these cufflinks proudly, kind of like a badge of honor. That... or just give them to a doctor friend.

This pair of mismatched brass Eye Doctor Cufflinks includes one Stethoscope cufflink in black and silver tone and one round Snellen Chart cufflink on white background.

Category: Doctors & Nurses

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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