Drums and Piano Cufflinks

The greatest drummer that ever lived was Keith Moon. Hey, I’d tell you some obscure, random drummer but you know, I have no shame in admitting I like mainstream music. Anyway, for someone that would willingly ignite copious amounts of gunpowder on his drum kit while actually playing them, that takes some huge balls, right?

Do you wanna know what other insane things Moon did during his time? Let’s just say even the weird premise of American Stuffers have nothing against it. Some of Keith Moon’s antics included driving a car into a hotel swimming pool; missing his flight to return to his hotel in order to throw a TV set into the pool; dropping out of reality after injecting himself with horse tranquilizer and brandy; and finally, dropping cherry bombs and dynamite in the hotel toilets they were staying in.

This pair of mismatched brass Drums and Piano Cufflinks includes one Drum Set cufflink and one Black Grand Piano cufflink.

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