Drums and Electric Guitar Cufflinks

If iPhones today drive techie-hungry, smartphone-loving zombie *ahem* users, there was actually a time when people valued other “more important” things, like maybe a guitar. Yes, I’m a prude. I’m a mythical creature after all. I’m not really into newfangled devices. Although I love the internet and Google. There’s just something about being too dependent on technology that scares the willies out of me.

Anyway, back to guitars, currently the most expensive guitar in the world is the 1936-39 Martin D-45, estimated to be worth a whopping 400,000USD! That’s way more than enough to buy you any and all new editions of the iPhone until you die. Or Cheetos. I LOVE Cheetos...

This pair of mismatched brass Drums and Electric Guitar Cufflinks includes one Drum Set cufflink and one Black Fender Strat Guitar cufflink.

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