Drive Me Crazy Cufflinks

Pedal to the Metal... 

I never learned to drive growing up in UniCornia. My tiger mother thought it was too dangerous despite the fact that everyone else’s parents let them drive. Still, I liked to pretend I could drive. I paid to have a fake license made so I would fit in with my friends, and I claimed I’d already crashed one Ferrari so my parents wouldn’t give me another. The idiots totally bought it. To this day, I don’t have an official driver’s license, but no one seems to care anymore. These cufflinks are the perfect gift for that big pretender or for that friend who’s finally getting his driver’s license after all these years (you can also tell him that these cufflinks are the last fun bit in his life for the next few months, since the reason he got his license in the first place was so he could drive around the minivan).

This pair of mismatched brass Drive Me Crazy Cufflinks includes one Accelerator Pedal cufflink and one Steering wheel cufflink, both are coated with silver.

Category: On 4 Wheels

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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