Doc Moustache Cufflinks

Can you hear that? I thought I heard a hipster from afar shrieking after seeing this pair of cufflinks. I know they probably don’t care much about the stethoscope (who does, right?) but I know they’ve probably got their tight skinny briefs to match their tight skinny jeans, which of course match with that moustache cufflink. For many hipsters that’s like the benevolent Eye of Ra or something. It’s sad but true. Then again, life without hipsters wouldn’t be too fun. There wouldn’t be anyone to pick on and to raise eyebrows too. Oh, and some of these hipster folk like unicorns. Okay, most of them. They draw me a lot and think we’re the coolest thing since Kool-Aid (which we probably are.)

This pair of mismatched brass Doc Moustache Cufflinks includes one Stethoscope cufflink coated with black and silver and one Imperial Moustache cufflink on white background.

Category: Doctors & Nurses, Hipster

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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