Dirty Policemen Cufflinks

Safe and Sound...

Let it rain bullets! Cue sound effects from Dwarven's Sniper's first skill in Defense of the Ancients 2. I can totally understand why the International featured a cash pool of 1.6 million US dollars-- it's immensely popular, it's fun, and it's addicting. I know a fellow unicorn named Billy that spent fifty hours straight on the computer playing the game, and eventually his computer overheated and short-circuited, which led to electricity coursing through his miserable hooves at fifty thousand volts. Poor guy. If you don't want to end up like Billy and want to have some measure of peace of mind and safety, buy this set of cufflinks--it'll keep you safe.

This pair of mismatched brass Dirty Policemen Cufflinks includes one Bullet cufflink coated with silver and gold and one Handcuffs cufflink coated with silver. 

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