Dice and 4 Ace Cufflinks

Getting Lucky...

Vegas is one of the few places in this world where you can go in a broke loser and come out a multi-millionaire with models on each arm. Now you might be saying "that doesn't actually happen in Vegas" and you would be right, but no one likes a smart-ass. In reality, Vegas gives you the chance to get wasted, get some free drinks and bring home a case of herpes (one of the things that may or may not stay in Vegas). Yes it's all a scam by the big business casinos who want your money, but that's too obvious to even rant about, so drink up and go sin.

This pair of mismatched brass Dice and 4 Ace Cufflinks includes one Dice cufflink coated with silver and black dots embellishment and one 4 Aces cufflink coated with silver.

Category: Gamblers & High Rollers

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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